Starting in Bluegrass Guru version 1.0.1, a new feature is available in the app settings called Keep Screen On.

Normally, the screen on your iPhone or iPad will automatically turn off and your device will lock. This can be inconvenient when you're in the middle of playing a song and referring to the lyrics you've recorded. To prevent your screen from automatically turning off when using the Bluegrass Guru app:

  1. From the app's main screen, tap the Settings row
  2. Turn on the Keep Screen On option

IMPORTANT: Keeping your screen on longer than normal will consume more of your device's battery. If the Keep Screen On feature is turned on, the screen will only be kept on when using the app. It won't keep the screen on if you exit the Bluegrass Guru app. When you're finished using the app, make sure to press your device's Power Button to turn the screen off or press the Home Button to exit the Bluegrass Guru app.